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About AFC Valves Malaysia

buildingAs part of AFC global network initiatives in innovating ways to serve our customers better, AFC Valves Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian owned joint-venture company was established strategically as AFC’s regional valve center and manufacturing arm for South East Asia.

AFC Valves Malaysia offers customers a wide range of services ranging from water valve product design, product development, R & D, manufacturing, product reliability testing, warehousing, sales & marketing, logistics and distribution.

AFC Valves Malaysia partner with its customers who are valve distributors, operators, end-users to develop quick and precise valve solutions to serve the growing market demands in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam.

One-Stop Water Valve Solution Center

Fast & Precise Water Valve Solution

AFC Valves Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s office cum factory located in Shah Alam, Selangor is managed by our team of valve experts and dedicated well-trained staff. The establishment is fully equipped with the following facilities to provide value-added services:-

01A complete assembly line and manufacturing facility managed by a team of engineers using the latest CAD technologies to ensure consistent production of high quality product.

02An in-house valve reliability testing lab to facilitate ongoing high product quality evaluation, quality development and conformance management.

03Warehousing facility offering a well-stocked inventory of a broad range of valves, components and spare parts for fast delivery in meeting urgent customer’s needs.

04A customer-focus care center to answer customer’s enquiries and provide fast response to their needs.

05A technical advisory team that listen, assesses and provide customers with adaptive valve solutions for their specific industry requirement.

06Workshop to provide valve repairs and refurbishment services.

Strategic Partner in Water Valve Solution
Achieving Optimal Performance Together

partnerEstablishing AFC Valves Malaysia Sdn Bhd as the regional valve center shows we are seriously committed to forge a long term working partnership with our customers by providing them the latest innovative valve solutions that would provide them a competitive edge to achieve optimal valve operational efficiencies, cost effectiveness and sustainable high performances that ultimately be translated into profitability.

AFC Valves Malaysia aims to be our customer’s top preferred partner in water valves solution and we believe there are enough obvious reasons and benefits for them to do so.