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Flanged Butterfly Valves


Flanged Butterfly Valves

  1. Advanced newly design with dovetail seal design and captured by epoxy on the back side.
  2. Top of seal with raised multiple raised ring to have more contact with disc but less friction.
  3. The disc design with dome shape backside and thru disc can provide better flow capacity, stronger and less weight.
  4. The shaft and disc connection with tangential pin which can be exchangeable and provide rigid connection.
  5. Epoxy coated interior and exterior.


Product Information
Model : FBGD
Size: : DN 100-1800mm
Pressure Ratings : PN10, PN16 & AWWA C504 CL 125/150
Temperature : -10°C to 80°C
Medium : Water / Waste Water


Technical Data Download

PDF icon resized File Name: AFC_Flanged_Butterfly_Valves_EN593_V2.pdf