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Altitude Control Valve


Altitude Control Valve A10A

  1. Altitude Control Valves which is a hydraulically driven valve to maintain the water level in high rise water tank.
  2. Top and seat ring guided stem and diaphragm assembly for long life and reliability.
  3. All iron components are fusion epoxy bonded for corrosion resistance.
  4. Easy maintenance without removal from the mian line.
  5. Globe design for superior control characteristics.
  6. Special V-Port and double chamber are options, please consult factory.


Product Information
Model : A10A
Size: : DN 50-800mm
Pressure Ratings : 1.0Mpa; 1.6Mpa; 2.5Mpa
End Connection : PN10 / 16 / 25
Temperature : -10°C to 80°C
Media : Water


Technical Data Download

PDF icon resized File Name: AFC_Altitude_Control_Valve_A10A_V3.pdf