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Needle Valve


Altitude Control Valve A10A

  1. Used as pressure control, flow rate control, safety valve, or dissipation of high hydrostatic pressure under high pressure difference.
  2. It can prevent cavitation issue in high flow rate or high differential pressure.
  3. Sizing of this valve is also important since the calculation can help to predict the cavitation and add certain kit to avoid cavitation.
  4. Mianly used for clean water as pressure, flow control or release water under dam.
Product Information
Model : PVGX
Size: : DN 50-1400mm
Pressure Ratings : 1.0Mpa; 1.6Mpa; 2.5Mpa
End Connections : PN10 / 16 / 25
Temperature : -10°C to 80°C
Flow Media : Clean Water


Technical Data Download

PDF icon resized File Name: AFC_Needle_Valve_PVGX.pdf